Betting has now become an everyday activity in all sports disciplines. There are a lot of betting sites around the world which offer betting odds on most genres of sports. Yacht race betting has recently had a significant increase in the number of people taking part in it. The number of sailing competitions has gone up, thus giving gamblers a chance to carry out their betting activities more frequently. Yachting is also represented in the Olympics, which is a worldwide event with participants from every country.

The yacht racing competitions have several markets in which users can place their bets. Some of the yacht races are carried out in legs and might take months to complete them. Here are some types of bets which one may decide to place when yacht betting.

Race Winner

This is where one can bet on the team or yacht, which will win the competition. This is a great gamble, as the teams and boats taking part are normally fiercely competitive. This is the easiest type of bet in yacht racing.

Leg Winner

This is the type of bet where one has a chance to bet on which team will win a particular leg. This is a fast way to win money, as the legs get finished quickly, compared to the entire race. Legs also enable people to place more bets as they are frequent.


This is a type of bet where one predicts a team which will appear in either first, second or third place in a race.

There also other types of bets which include the team with the shortest distance and the fastest team.

Yacht racing has a large number of competitions which are all on betting sites. Some of these great competitions include the America’s Cup, the Newport Bermuda Race, and the Volvo Ocean Race.