Yacht races are popular competitions for people who love sailing. However, many people remain unaware of these competitions which they can catch along certain coastlines and are even broadcast live on TV. If you haven’t already started watching yacht competitions, you should give them a try right away. They really won’t disappoint you; if anything, you will soon find yourself hooked. Here are some of the most celebrated yacht competitions around the world.

Cowes Week

This competition was first held in 1826. It is one of the oldest and most successful yacht competitions which still occurs to date. This race is held every year in August. The competition attracts tourists from all over the world and also gains attendance from the British royal family.

Vendee Globe

This competition first took place in 1989. It added a new policy in 1992, which allowed them to hold the competition every four years. This race is very challenging to all competitors and has always proven to be a great test for them. The race takes place on the ocean and is monitored closely, though the competitors are not given any assistance.

Volvo Ocean Race

This race takes place all over the world. It is held at an interval of three years. The competition happens in October. The race begins in Europe at the beginning of the month, and the sailors are expected back in Europe at the end of the month to finish the race.

Rolex Fastnet

This ocean race was first held in 1925. The race requires the competitors to sail for about 600 miles. The competitors usually take about five days to complete the race. The sailors have to fight with the harsh winds and uncertain tides to finish the race.

In yacht races, the field is either open, or competitors follow a path marked using buoys.