Most yachts are built with the utmost luxury to deliver the best sailing experience to those who can afford it. But that is not nearly enough for some people. They want luxury vessels which can get them across the world fast, and still have multiple helipads, submarines, and lavish interiors, among other things. Luckily, boat makers have risen to the occasion.

Foners: 70.1 Knots

Powered by two 1280hp engines and three 6700hp gas turbines, Foners is genuinely built for speed. It’s a 41.5m superyacht which boasts a maximum cruising range of 1800.0nm at 12 knots. It can accommodate up to eight lucky people, with at least six crew members attending to their every need.

Tommaso Spandolini and Donald L. Blount developed Foner’s naval architecture, and Celeste Dell’Anna did the interior design.

World is Not Enough: 67 Knots

Two American yacht owners, John Staluppi and John Rosati, went on a mission to build a fast luxury yacht to fill a gap in the boating industry. That’s how the 42.5m luxury yacht dubbed the “World is not Enough” was born. She was designed by Frank Mulder, a Dutch naval architect and is in the tiny list of boats which crush the 65 knots barrier.

She’s powered by twin Paxman diesel engines and two Lycoming gas turbines, which deliver a whooping 20600hp combined. However, this yacht is not all about speed and power. Evan K. Marshall did a fantastic job with the interior design, aimed at hosting ten guests in world-class luxury.

Galeocerdo: 65 Knots

The first thing which anybody notices about the Galeocerdo is its sleek, futuristic design. Her maker, Wally, intended to build a yacht that could move fast even in rough conditions and still deliver superyacht comfort. It comes with a top speed of 65 knots, propelled by three gas turbines, combined with three Kamewa water jets, to produce 16800hp.